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Climate Innovators: 5 Brazilians pioneering the new low-carbon world


Rogério Cavalcante, the founder of umgrauemeio, is a central figure in innovating to combat CO2 emissions in Brazil, especially through the detection and combating of forest fires. However, he is just one of many brilliant minds working tirelessly to address the climate challenges the country faces. The article "Climate Innovators: 5 Brazilians exploring the new low-carbon world" highlights different individuals who, together, are contributing to a low-carbon future. Collective effort is crucial, as the battle against climate change is multidimensional and requires a collaborative and innovative approach.

The monitoring system developed by umgrauemeio, with its cameras operating 24/7 looking for signs of smoke, is an example of how technology can be used effectively for early detection of forest fires, contributing to the preservation of natural areas and reduction of CO2 emissions​.

Are you inspired by the innovative efforts of dedicated individuals and teams transforming the low-carbon landscape in Brazil?

Access the full article to explore more about the contributions of Rogério Cavalcante and other innovators making a difference in combating climate change.

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