There is no “planet B”.


We know about the urgence to address climate changes. Therefore, we are named after our north star goal: stop Earth from reaching 1.5 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels

We are guided by the best practices in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance, as we are fully aligned with SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) established in the Paris Agreement

Direct impact indicators

ODS 3 - Saúde e bem estar
ODS 6 - Água potável e saneamento
ODS 8 - Trabalho decente e crescimento econômico
ODS 13 - Ação contra a mudança global do clima
ODS 15 - Vida Terrestre

Indirect impact indicators

ODS 4 - Educação de qualidade
ODS 9 - Indústria, automação e infraestrutura
ODS 12 - Consumo e produção responsáveis
ODS 17 - Parcerias e meios de implementação

Strategical partners

To increase our positive impact through scientific research, projects and resource mobilization, we work with organizations which are aligned with our values and purposes.

Land Innovation Fund
Bureau Veritas
UN Global Compact
IPÊ - Instituto de pesquisas ecológicas
Sitawi Finanças do bem
Rio cercado de vegetação densa no Pantanal (Brasil)


In almost 5 years we learned valuable lessons and got well known because of our positive environmental impact

We celebrate our achievements, but we know there is still much to do

That's what move us forward.

Top 100 open startups
SDG Tech Awards Winner
The Meaningful Business 100
Top 30% startups rated by Early Metrics
Latam positive impact startup
Premiação "Melhores para o Brasil" - Humanizadas
Empresa B certificada
Climate bonds initiative
Green impact certified

Our team

Take a look at who is ahead of umgrauemeio

Rogério Cavalcante
Founder and CEO
Antonio Leblanc
Co-founder and CTO
Eimi Arikawa
Co-founder and GM
Diego Debruyn
Co-founder and COO
Osmar Bambini
Co-founder and CIO
Cristiano Cecatti
Co-founder and CFO
Maira Domene
Co-founder and CLO

Come and join umgrauemeio!

We currently have the following available jobs:

Junior Project Assistant

Supply Chain Internship

Junior Technical Assistance Analyst

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